Welcome to the ChipWits Reboot!

I’m Doug Sharp, co-creator with Mike Johnston of the classic geek game ChipWits

I’ve assembled a team of passionate ChipWits fans to bring our favorite game into the 2020s.

Mark Roth is our coder and co-designer. Mark played ChipWits as a kid and blames it for turning him into a programmer. Mark is coding ChipWits in C# on the Unity Platform, so it will run on almost all hardware from Mac to phones to Windows to consoles to the Commodore 64 (maybe not).

Josh Burker is our community leader. He played ChipWits as a kid and used it to teach coding in his classroom. He’ll be running the contests and recruiting new players.

We’ve got big plans: multi-player ChipWits World, collectable skins and objects, leaderboards, themed seasons, new OPs and ARGs.

We’ll share our design brainstorming in this blog. You’ll be able to look over our shoulders and kibitz as we discuss new features.

We’re not going to let our upgrades bloat the game and compromise the fun. We promise that ChipWits will always be a hardcore geek game that both pro coders and kids will enjoy.

We’ll run competitions to test your skillz. We’ll listen to your input on how to improve the game. We’ll create tools and API’s to let players extend the game.

Best of all, ChipWits will be an open-source project!

Our players are coders, so we’ll let you hack away at the source. We’ll discuss this in depth in future posts.

We’ll raise money through crowd-sourcing and investors. We want to hire more coders, pay for new art, and contract with a cloud service provider to run our server.

You can help us by joining our early players. We need you to test the game’s playability and hunt for bugs.

Early players will get unique perks. Stay tuned for Josh’s announcements.

Right now we are focused on making the game playable for the first contest. Mark is hard at work moving the game from a single-player to server/client model.

If you’ve played ChipWits, you know it’s a great game. Please help us bring ChipWits to today’s players.


Doug, Mark, and Josh

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