Who Are We?

Doug Sharp

Wrote two hit computer games in the mid-80s: ChipWits and Cinemaware’s The King of Chicago. He was a manager and coder in Microsoft Research’s Virtual Worlds Group. He’s written two novels–Channel Zilch and Hel’s Bet–of a planned quartet about kickstarting the Singularity by stealing a space shuttle.

Mike Johnston

In Memoriam, 1955-2018 – Original Co-creator of ChipWits

A portion of ChipWits profit will go to the Osteogenesis Imperfecta Foundation (oif.org) in Mike’s memory. Mike was a Lecturer in the U of M Department of Education. He was a founder of two software development companies (Discourse and Interactive Illusions).

Mark Roth

Software Engineer and Managing Director at a high-tech investment firm. Became interested in coding while playing ChipWits as a kid. Founded Octagon Software, LLC and writes games for fun.

Josh Burker

Educator and author of The Invent to Learn Guide to Fun and Guide to More Fun, Josh first played Chipwits in 1985 on his Mac 512K. Over the years he has managed to trick a Mac Plus into running the program, followed Doug’s resurrection of Chipwits, and once won a Chipwits t-shirt in a competition. He is now helping with community relations for Chipwits.